Regenerating Strength

Orthox is a leading medical device
company founded to transform how injuries
to cartilage, and other hard to heal human
tissues, are treated.


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Who we are

Orthox is a privately held UK company developing tissue regenerative implants which enable patients who have suffered injuries to the cartilage and meniscus in the knee to return to a fully active, pain-free lifestyle.

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Our Science

Cutting edge technology from natural origins

Silk – the natural biomaterial that forms the core component of our FibroFix technology – is one of the worlds first medical materials. As long ago as in 1600 BCE the greek surgeon, Galen of Pergamon, used silk threads to close surgical incisions and references to silk’s use to treat Samurai warriors battlefield wounds date back even earlier.

Our Products

Implants formed from natural Silk

Our FibroFix™ implants are formed entirely from natural Mulberry Silk and combine exceptional strength and resilience with the capacity to support regeneration of the patients own tissue offering a new treatment paradigm in cartilage repair.

FibroFix™ General

FibroFix™ is based on Fibroin, a protein extracted from silk fibres, which Orthox process using proprietary technology.


FibroFix™ Cartilage

ibroFix™ Cartilage is a product developed to treat damage to the articular cartilage in the knee.

Our Technology

Regenerative implants with the strength and resilience of cartilage

Orthox use patented methods to process commercial silk proteins, forming a range of sophisticated implants to treat damage to the smooth stiff cartilage in our joints.

Injuries to the cartilage in the knee cause crippling disability in both young and old patients, often leading to osteoarthritis and eventual need for replacement of the joint. There are an estimated 46 million sufferers of osteoarthritis of the knee in Europe and the US.

Combination of unique properties

By combining exceptional strength, resilience and smooth self lubricating properties with a porous structure and inherently regenerative capacity FibroFix implants can even replace hard to heal tissues like cartilage. Their robust biomechanics enable functional replacement of the damaged tissue while new cartilage grows into the porous implant structure, providing both an immediate, and a long-term, repair solution.

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